Each classroom has a defined language area. In Children’s House the language materials are sequential, with an emphasis on a strong phonics curriculum beginning with letter sounds, word building, sentence writing, and then progressing to reading comprehension and story writing. Teacher observations and record keeping allow teachers to have an accurate assessment for each child.

The foundation of the Lower Elementary language program is to continue to develop reading skills and is built on teaching grammar concepts using stories. Students’ follow-up work includes using color-coded shapes to identify the parts of speech. Lower Elementary students also practice spelling rules. Other work includes writing prompts, both teacher and student created, for daily journaling, and the use of language drawers, which introduce students to new vocabulary words and punctuation. Building upon the grammar covered in Lower Elementary, the Upper Elementary classrooms shift focus to the Montessori Sentence Analysis materials. The Upper Elementary program also heavily emphasizes creative writing, poetry, and journaling.

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