International Partnership

As a dually accredited school and leader in Montessori education in central Massachusetts for over 45 years, SMS is proud to help bring Montessori education to China and around the world.

In 2017, SMS began a partnership with the Radcliffe Montessori American Preschool in Shanghai, China which opened in the spring of 2019. As a result of China ending its One-Child Policy for population planning, the Chinese government has been building new schools to accommodate the rising birth rate. In addition, many new private schools are opening. Radcliffe Montessori American Preschool is part of this rapidly growing movement and we are thrilled that we will be working with them.

SMS faculty and staff have been providing support on a wide variety of subjects from classroom design, promotional materials, and philosophical approach. Faculty and staff will be traveling to China to visit the school this spring. As the school-year progresses, we plan to also participate in weekly Skype sessions reviewing such things as classroom management techniques and teaching strategies.

Radcliffe Montessori American Preschool Campus Photos