Shrewsbury Montessori School Children’s House offers children ages three through six an environment designed to invite curiosity, foster inner discipline, and motivate children to learn. Our multi-age Children’s House classrooms, span three years, and include the Kindergarten year.

Practical Life activities include pouring, sweeping, tying, zipping, and buttoning as well as grace and courtesy. The Practical Life Curriculum increases a child’s concentration, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, sense of order, building the process of finishing a work. These experiences lead to the development of independence and foster relationships with others.

The Sensorial materials help young children gather information received through their senses. By seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching, children begin to classify and name objects such as colors, shapes, dimensions, and textures.

The Children’s House offers a full component of Language, Math and Cultural lessons, as defined on the Scope and Sequence page of the website. The rich Montessori curriculum allows children to learn essential academic skills, gain problem solving and critical thinking skills. A Shrewsbury Montessori education builds character and a sense of global and social responsibility.

Shrewsbury Montessori Children’s House students are assessed both academically and socially through classroom observations, informal and formal assessment, and a collection of the child’s work. Student progress is shared with parents through Parent Conferences, Progress Reports, and as needed or requested throughout the year.