The specialty art program at our school offers instruction to students in the First through Sixth Years of our elementary program. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and supportive of regular classroom studies, special projects and events, and the interests of the students. Students are introduced to a variety of flat and three dimensional materials as well as works of art and artists from various times and cultures. Art classes are nurturing and supportive of each student’s willingness to take on the challenge of creating meaning from the simplest materials, and fostering creative and mental growth.


Music classes at our school integrate group song, solo singing, creative music play, dance, and music literacy. A positive atmosphere creates a safe-haven and encourages risk-taking, exploring vocal expression, musical interpretation and creative movement. By the time students reach the Sixth Year, they are well prepared to play a role in the Upper Elementary Musical.

Language (French & Latin)

The French program at SMS is geared towards oral expression. The goal is to be fearless in attempting to speak a world language not your own, and therefore to be open to new experiences, friendships, and international dialogue.

The Lower Elementary curriculum centers around “getting to know you” questions and answers, animals, and everyday words and expressions. The Upper Elementary curriculum includes a simulated “Trip to Paris”, and a performance of two plays entirely in French, one of which is written, with guidance, by the students.

Sixth Year students begin the study of Latin, using the text The Phenomenon of Language. Other world languages, including Esperanto, are introduced during the course of the year, as determined by the interests of the students.

Innovation and Technology

Starting in the first year of our Elementary Program, students attend Innovation classes once a week. The Innovation curriculum builds on traditional Montessori classroom learning and prepares students for a digital, global society in the 21st century. Students develop skills like problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Innovation at Shrewsbury Montessori School fosters a culture of curiosity and exploration, promotes project-based learning and interdisciplinary studies, and provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge towards real-world issues and problems. Students practice the engineering design process and explore the connections between science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

Gym & Swim

Both Auburn and Shrewsbury Campuses are equipped with age appropriate high-quality playground and athletic equipment. Children in all of our programs are outside daily, at different intervals, and as weather permits. In addition, students in our Lower and Upper Elementary programs participate in a 45-minute gym and 45-minute swim program at the Worcester YWCA on alternating weeks throughout the year.